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High Temperature Properties of mixed alpha/beta-SIALON Materials

: Klemm, H.; Herrmann, M.; Reich, T.; Schubert, C.; Frassek, L.; Wötting, G.; Gugel, E.; Nietfeld, G.

Journal of the American Ceramic Society 81 (1998), No.5, pp.1141-1148
ISSN: 0002-7820
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
creep; grain boundary phase; oxidation resistance; silicon nitride; slow crack growth

The mechanical behavior of mixed alpha/beta-SIAlON materials was studied at elevated temperatures. The high temperature properties of the materials studied was strongly influenced by the chemical composition (alpha-content and grain boundary phase) of the SIAlON's. A high content of alpha-SIAlON was beneficial in terms of creep behavior of the materials. The same materials, however were characterized by a considerably degradated fracture behavior at elevated temperatures in air because of a crack growth process enhanced by the poor oxidation resistance of these materials.