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High speed imaging - Presence and future

: Moeller, H.; Bloss, H.

Wittenberg, T.; Mergelt, P.; Tigges, M.; Eysholdt, U.:
Advances in quantitative laryngoscopy
Erlangen, 1997
ISBN: 3-9801572-6-1
Round Table Advances in Quantitative Laryngoscopy Using Motion, Image and Signal Analysis <2, 1997, Erlangen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
3D-endoscopy; 3D-Endoskopie; Bewegungsanalyse; high speed imaging; Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera; laryngoscopy; motion analysis; profilometry; stereo endoscopy; Stereoendoskopie

High speed imaging is an essential tool for vocal fold vibration analysis. Recent development of CCD camera technology introduced computer based high speed video systems which more and more replace standard stroboscopic video systems. In contrast to the stroboscopic systems computer based high speed systems allow the observation of non-periodic phenomena and simplify the interfacing to motion analysis programs. With the development of a series of high speed camera systems the IIS takes a major part of the race towards improved high speed imaging systems. The contribution gives an overview on the state of the art in high speed video systems and outlines future developments in speed and resolution. A second part is dealing with fast 3D-endoscopy. Important 3D-imaging techniques are outlined and their suitability for fast endoscopy is discussed.