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High speed cutting dry machining. Revolution or evolution?

Text auf japanisch siehe S.54-63
: Sinhoff, V.; Eisenblätter, G.; Altmüller, S.

Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association:
8th International Machine Tool Engineers Conference.1998
Osaka, 1998
pp.186-195 : Ill., Lit.
International Machine Tool Engineers Conference (IMEC) <8, 1998, Osaka>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
dry machining; high speed cutting; milling

High Speed Cutting (HSC) and Dry machining (DM) have become the most widely used catchword in machining in recent years. They are the generic terms for innovative and high-performance process design. There is hardly a publication or event that fails to mention HSC, and tool, control and CAD/CAM manufacturers seem to be developing and selling only high-speed capable products these days. A question that often arises for users is whether High Speed Cutting and Dry Machining are new, revolutionary technologies, or whether they are simply continuing evolutionary development.