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High gain CPW MMIC amplifiers and waveguide modules for V-band applications

Koplanarer MMIC-Verstärker und Halbleiter-Verstärkermodule für V-Band Anwendungen
: Schlechtweg, M.; Tasker, P.J.; Reinert, W.; Braunstein, J.; Haydl, W.H.; Lohrmann, W.


23rd European Microwave Conference '93. Proceedings
pp.144-146 : Abb.
European Microwave Conference (EuMC) <23, 1993, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
coplanar waveguide amplifier; koplanare Leitungstechnik; MMIC amplifier; MMIC-Verstärker; V-band amplifier; V-Band-Verstärker

Reproducible pseudomorphic MODFET MMIC amplifiers with 18.5 dB gain at 51 GHz were realized in coplanar waveguide technology. An on-wafer S-parameter measurement system up to 75 GHz was developed to establish the MMIC design database. The RF wafer yield of the MMICs is greater than 80%. The system advantages of CPW for multi-ship modules are demonstrated by a 6-stage amplifier comprising 2 cascaded chips, resulting in a gain of 37.5 dB at 51 GHz and 21.5 dB at 60 GHz. Our measurements proof absolute stability of the realized modules. The MMICs were inserted into a V-Band waveguide module comprising the CPW/waveguide transitions. The measured gain and noise figure of the waveguide module was 16 dB and 6.0 dB at 54 GHz, respectively.