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Hierarchische Steuerungen für Industrieroboter zur Integration in ein Fertigungsleitsystem

: Duelen, G.; Schmidt, W.

Pritschow, G.:
Maschinennahe Steuerungstechnik in der Fertigung
München: Hanser, 1992 (Fortschritte der Fertigung auf Werkzeugmaschinen)
ISBN: 3-446-17308-0
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
control architecture; control model; Nebenläufigkeit; pipelining control categories; robot control; Robotersteuerung; Steuerungsarchitektur; Steuerungsklassen; Steuerungsmodell; system hierarchy; Systemhierarchie

The functionality of modern robot controller shall achieve mechanisms for processing of complex sensor information, and for the communication with higher level host computer. For this, the required system performance can be realized by application of a hierarchical control architecture, in which the implicit concurrency of robot tasks is exploit. Hierarchical structures could be reflected very well on pipeline structures with abstract software processors. The temporal behavior of the pipeline structure can be improved by implementing of asynchronus communication mechanism between the controlprocesses. A realized chanal monitor performs the communication, chanal allocation, and synchronization. Due to the applications of real time operating system these mechanisms are transparent for the user of the robot control system.