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Hexapod finishing centre for machine tools - has six length-adjustable stays connecting support to fixed frame with three connecting points on support forming one engagement plane.
: Wieland, F.; Schwaar, M.; Neugebauer, R.

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DE 1996-19636100 A: 19960905
DE 1996-19636100 A: 19960905
EP 1997-932838 AW: 19970718
WO 1997-EP3861 A: 19970718
DE 19636100 A1: 19980312
EP 925145 B1: 20001122
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The finishing centre has a fixed frame (3) and support connected together by six length-adjustable stays (1) with the connecting points of three stays on the support forming one engagement plane and the connecting points of the three other stays forming a second separate engagement plane. The connecting points of the stays on the support are pref. arranged in an imaginary three-dimensional cube or imaginary ball. The connecting points can each be mounted in the surface centre of the imaginary cube. ADVANTAGE - Allows improved mobility of support in all six degrees of freedom to allow greater freedom of movement of work platform.