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Herstellung metallischer Bauteile mittels Rapid Prototyping aus Pulver-Binder-Gemischen

Production of metallic parts py rapid prototyping of powder binder mixtures
: Kunze, H.-D.; Pintat, T.; Greul, M.

Pulvermetallurgie im Wettbewerb : Vorträge anläßlich des Symposiums am 24./25. November 1994 in Hagen
Hagen: Thiebes, 1994 (Pulvermetallurgie in Wissenschaft und Praxis 10)
Book Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
ceramic prototype; cost reduction; keramischer Prototyp; Kostenreduzierung; metal injection molding; metallic prototype; metallischer Prototyp; Metallpulver; MIM; multiphase jet solidification; Rapid Prototyping; Spritzguß

Rapid Prototyping systems are remarkable adapted for reducing the time to develop new products. Today available RP systems work with different techniques using paper, polymers and waxes. In order to fulfil the demand for the direct production of metallic prototypes for functional application and testing, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Materials Research (IFAM) developed a new process named "Multiphase Jet Solidification" (MJS), able to produce metallic or ceramic parts. The MJS process uses powder-binder mixtures (e.g. 316l, Ti, Al203, SiC) that are squeezed through a computer controlled nozzle. The part is manufactured layer by layer. Subsequently the binder is removed and the green part is sintered to reach final density. Experiences and results with this new technique are presented