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Heissdampfreaktor Phase II Vibration Tests

: Malcher, L.; Kot, C.; Steinhilber, H.

United States, Nuclear Regulatory Commission -NUREG-, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Washington/D.C.:
Transactions of the 13th Water Reactor Safety Research Information Meeting. Vol.3
Washington/D.C., 1985 (Conference Proceedings - Nuclear Regulatory Research 0072)
Water Reactor Safety Research Information Meeting <13, 1985, Gaithersburg/Md.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Erdbebensimulation; Ganzzellenversuch; Kraftwerk; Reaktorbau; Reaktorsicherheit; Rohrleitung

In the second phase of the earthquake investigations at the Heissdampfreaktor (HDR), high level shaker tests will be performed in order to investigate full scale structural response involving significant concrete and soil strains as well as strong indirect excitation of vessels, pipes and other mechanical equipment. The vibrator, is a "coast- down" shaker, whose two eccentric massses of are brought up to speed in balanced condition. Unbalancing will take place after decoupling from the drive system and the shaker will then coast down through the building's resonances. Details of the shaker design and the test plan are described in this report.