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Head-on collision of normal shock waves with rubber-supported wall.

Frontales Auftreffen ebener Stoßwellen auf eine Gummi-gestützte Wand
: Mazor, G.; Igra, O.; BenDor, G.; Mond, M.; Reichenbach, H.


Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A (1992), pp.237-269
ISSN: 0080-4614
ISSN: 0962-8428
ISSN: 1364-503X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()
Gummi-Belastung; Gummi-gestützte Wand; reflection; reflexion; rubber-loading; rubber-supported wall; shock-tube experiment; shock wave; Stoßrohrexperiment; Stoßwelle

A physical model for describing the head-on collision process between a normal shock wave and a rubber-supported plate was developed. This model was solved numerically for three different modes of rubber loading; (1) uni-axial stress, (2) bi-axial stress, (3) uni-axial strain. The numerical solution provides information regarding the gas flow and the rubber properties at different times and location. The numerical results were compared with shock tube experiments. A good agreement was found between the numerical predictions and the experimental findings.