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Haupt- und Vorschubantriebe an Werkzeugmaschinen - Gezielte Auswahl erhöht Produktivität

: Spur, G.; Knupfer, S.

Industrie-Anzeiger 111 (1989), No.70, pp.116,118,123
ISSN: 0019-9036
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Antrieb; Antriebssystem; drive; driving system; Einzelantrieb; electric motor; Elektromotor; feed drive; Getriebefunktion; Hauptantrieb; machine tools; main drive; separate motor drive; transfer characteristics; Übertragungsverhalten; Vorschubantrieb; Werkzeugmaschine

Electric motors are nowadays used as driving motors to produce the main and the feed movements of machine tools almost withour exception. As there have been great advances in the electrical power control and the signal processing a multiple number of motors exists on the market to realize the required movements. The article describes different kinds of electric motors and their specific application to machine tools. Moreover, the whole driving system including the elements motor, power control unit, position and speed gauging system and control circuit has to be inspected.