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Harte, amorphe, wasserstofffreie C-Schichten

Hard, amorpohous, hydrogen-free C layers and process for their production
: Scheibe, H.J.; Schultrich, B.

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DE 1995-19502568 A: 19950127
DE 1995-19502568 A: 19950127
EP 1996-100905 A: 19960123
DE 19502568 C1: 19960725
EP 724023 B1: 20010711
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The invention relates to hard, amorphous, hydrogen-free C layers. The hard, amorpohous carbon layer consists of pure carbon not containing any metal and/or hydrogen (< 0.5 at%) components and is separated by means of pulsed vacuum arc discharge, in particular with laser control, at temperatures of < 100 degrees C. The layer according to the invention has a modulus of elasticity of > 400 G Pa and a hardness of > G Pa, a surface roughness in the range or about 100 nm and it can contain carbon particles which mainly have a lower hardness than the layer itself. The layer according to the invention has an excellent friction/sliding ratio, which is characterized by a friction coefficient of < 0.1 without the use of any lubrication and a friction coefficient of < 0.02 with a reduced use of lubrication, and manifests a high resistance to abrasive wear and corrosion.