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Hard coatings on thermochemical pre-treated soft steels application potential for ball valves

: Vetter, J.; Michler, T.; Steuernagel, H.


Surface and coatings technology 111 (1999), No.2-3, pp.210-219
ISSN: 0257-8972
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IST ()
adhesion; DLC; Duplex; TiN

The combination of thermochemical heat treatment (e.g. nitriding or carburizing, with or without plasma enhancement) and hard coating (e.g. TiN, CrN or a-C:H) is known as "duplex treatment". It offers the possibility to improve the functional properties of tools and machine parts compared to a mono treatment. The combination of plasmanitriding and PVD hard coating has been investigated by various groups mostly for the increase in wear resistance of tools. However, also machine parts and precision components are very promising candidats for duplex treatments, especially when they are made of soft steels such as stainless steels. This paper shows that the functional behaviour of duplex treated parts are both determined by the application oriented optimization of the thermochemical heat treatment and by the selection of the appropriate hard coating.