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Robot handling system
: Gentischer, J.

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DE 1988-3805971 A: 19880225
DE 1988-3805971 A: 19880225
DE 3805971 C2: 19921008
Patent, Electronic Publication
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In a handling system, in particular for wafers, consisting of at least one gripper (1) movable in one plane between at least two work positions via a linkage mechanism (6), a proposal is made for a linkage mechanism (6) having at least two arms (3, 4, 3', 4') interconnected by means of a joint in order to achieve a compact construction and low design effort and to optimize position accuracy, such that the free end of one arm (3, 3') is attached to a drive shaft (8, 8') which can swivel by about 180 degrees, the free end of the other arm (4, 4') carries the gripper (1) via a further joint, and the two interconnected arms (3, 4, 3', 4') are interconnected via a gear (5, 5') in such a way that the swivel angle of one arm (3, 3') corresponding to the torsion angle of the drive shaft (8, 8') is of identical size relative to the gripper (1), but is opposed to the swivel angle of the other arm (4, 4') relative to the gripper (1).