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Halbleiterbauelement, insbesondere zur Ionendetektion

Semiconductor component, in particular for ion detection
: Kunath, C.; Kurth, E.; Kueck, H.; Mokwa, W.

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DE 1993-4308081 A: 19930313
DE 1993-4308081 A: 19930313
DE 4308081 A1: 19940922
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The object of the invention is a semiconductor component for the measurement of ion concentrations, in particular and ISFET (ion-sensitive field effect transistor). The semiconductor component consists of a substrate and a series of layers arranged on its front side, whereby the component has one or several ion- sensitive layers and possibly additional series of layers which are arranged in a thinned area of the substrate on the rear side. The ion-sensitive layer is formed as the gate of a field effect transistor or as the electrode of a capacitor or a diode. The contact terminals on the electronic components can be attached by mounting component exclusively on its front side. The geometric arrangement of the ion-sensitive membrane and the contacts permit a simple and reliable encapsulation of the semiconductor component which protects defined chip areas from electrolytic attack. The semiconductor component is adapted into a support for encapsulation, said support being coated with con ductors which are electrically connected to the electrical terminals of the semiconductor component. The support is designed so that the surface of the semiconductor component is fully covered on the front side by chemically resistant materials. The arrangement of a control gate in the series of layers arranged on the front side permits simple component drift correction