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The guideline VDI 3798 examination and treatment of materials damaged by immissions, particularly those in cultural objects

: Grefen, K.; Thiel, W.R.; Schmitt, D.

Institute of Environmental Sciences -IES-, Mt. Prospect/Ill.:
A Glimpse into the 21st Century. Proceedings : 36th Annual Technical Meeting of the Institute of Environmental Sciences
Mt.Prospect/Ill., 1990
Institute of Environmental Sciences (Annual Technical Meeting) <36, 1990, New Orleans/La.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
air pollution; cultural objects; damaging; environmental protection; guideline VDI 3798; immission; monuments

The effect of air pollution is not merely an important factor as far as national economics are concerned, there is also the threat of loosing cultural objects for ever. The interactions of air pollution on culturally valuable objects made of metal and non-metal, inorganical as well as organical materials, have become a subject of worldwide interest. Efforts to understand and analyse the web of effects between the natural environment. cultural objects, and air pollution are increasing everywhere. The Committee "Effects of Air Pollution on Materials" had, therefore, decided to submit a guideline to the people responsible for the conservation of cultural and economic goods, providing stipulations for protective measures against air pollution. The Guideline combines the knowledge of the three working groups "Effects on metal, non-metal, inorganical and organical materials" and was elaborated with assistance of curators of monuments, the Federal Environmental Agency, and the German National Committee for the Protection of Cultural Monuments (DNK). Special attention was paid to a detailed portrayal of the complex web of effects as well as taking the utmost care with examination and treatment of the cultural goods in question. The Guideline consists of the chapters 1. Scope of Validity 2. Object Description and Diagnosis 3. Therapeutical Steps 4. Documentation and Rechecks 5. Glossary. In December 1989 the Guideline was published in three official languages of the European Community, in Germann. English, and French, by the VDI-Commission on Air Pollution Prevention.