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Greifersystem zur Handhabung oder Montage kleiner Bauteile

Grab system handling small components - has eyepiece and lens accommodated in grab and evaluation system for picture in eyepiece.
: Schaefer, W.; Schuenemann, M.

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DE 1995-19534963 A: 19950920
DE 1995-19534963 A: 19950920
DE 19534963 C1: 19961212
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An optical system observes and controls the assembly and handling operations, and is mechanically coupled to the grab (4). It consists of a lens (5) and eyepiece accommodated directly in the latter. These form parallel rays into which light from a source (12) is projected. The image formed by the eyepiece is detected by an optical evaluation unit (10) following it, and is transmitted to a control or reproduction unit. The optical axis of the unit (5,9) coincides with the assembly axis, at least for the last part of the grab movement. USE/ADVANTAGE - The entire operation of the grab system for handling small components can be monitored.