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Gripper device
: Schweigert, U.; Andreasch, W.; Schmaus, T.

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DE 1989-3905169 A1: 19890220
DE 1990-4005334 A: 19900220
DE 4005334 C2: 19940421
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A description is given of a gripper device with a controllable motor whose output shaft drives the worm of a worm gear which actuates a linear shifting device with gripper jaws attached to it and a spring device which generates a specific gripper force. According to the invention, the characteristic features of the gripper unit are as follows: the worm gear features two worm wheels whose axes of rotation are vertical on the plane clamped by the gripper jaws; the linear shifting device features a feed unit and a separate guide unit for each gripper jaw; each of the gripper jaws are mounted on the movable element such that they can counteract the force of the spring mechanism.