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The graphics standards PHIGS and GKS-3D in an X Window system environment

: Noll, S.; Schendel, M.G.

Day, R.A.; Duce, D.A.; Fuhrhop, C.; Gallop, J.R.; Maybury, R.; Sutcliffe, D.C.; Arnold, D.:
Graphics and Communications. International Workshop
Berlin: Springer, 1991 (Eurographic Seminars. Tutorials and Perspectives in Computer Graphics)
ISBN: 3-540-54001-6
Graphics and Communication <1990, Breuberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
environment; GKS-3D; graphics standards; PEX; PHIGS; PHIGS PLUS; X 2D; X Window system

After a short presentation of the two graphics standards and the X Window System, the impact of realizing PHIGS or GKS-3D in a Window environment is described. For output, a graphics workstation must use the X 2D graphics elements and an X window as display surface. For Input, the X event queue will be used and must be controlled by a separate process. The usage of the PHIGS PLUS extensions leads to three possible solutions for transferring data over the network: usage of pixel maps, usage of X 2D graphics or usage of X extensions. A comparison to the PEX (PHIGS PLUS Extension to X) protocol proposal will be made. The usage of X together with graphics standards leads to network-wide distributed graphics applications.