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Goblet cell metaplasia in rat lungs after chronic exposure to particles

: Kittel, B.; Dungworth, D.L.; Mohr, U.

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover; International Life Sciences Institute -ILSI-, Washington/D.C.; Fraunhofer-Institut für Toxikologie und Aerosolforschung -ITA-, Hannover:
Toxic and carcinogenic effects of solid particles in the respiratory tract. Abstracts : 4th International Inhalation Symposium, Hannover
Hannover, 1993
International Inhalation Symposium <4, 1993, Hannover>
Toxic and Carcinogenic Effects of Solid Particles in the Respiratory Tract <1993, Hannover>
International Symposium on Inhalation Toxicology <4, 1993, Hannover>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
carcinogen; Carcinogenesis; goblet cell; inhalation toxicology; lung; metaplasia; particle; rat; respiratory organ; titanium dioxide; toxicology

After long-term inhalation of Printex 90 and titanium dioxide, goblet cell metaplasias occured in the peripheral lung tissue of 11/1700 female SPF Wistar rats. The majority of goblet cell metaplasias was seen at the bronchiolo-alveolar junction as round, mucus-filled nodules with a diameter of 1 - 20 mm. Their periphery consisted of a single layer of well differentiated columnar goblet cells. In central mucus-filled areas, alveolar epithelium and septae were often markedly reduced. Mucus and goblet cells stained positive with PAS and Alcian blue, both at pH 2.5 and 1. Goblet cell metaplasias have been reported in pulmonary airways of man and hamsters, but have rarely been described in the peripheral lung tissue of rats.