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Goal-oriented maintenance management system

: Jacobi, H.-F.

Union College, Schenectady/N.:
International Machinery Monitoring and Diagnostics Conference and Exhibition IMMDC - Proceedings
Schenectady/N.Y., 1990
International Machinery Monitoring and Diagnostics Conference <2, 1990, Los Angeles/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Instandhaltung; Instandhaltungscontrolling; Instandhaltungskosten; rechnergestützte Fertigung; rechnergestützte Instandhaltung

The essential aim of Maintenance Management is to form its planning, control, implementation as well as monitoring of the maintenance sequence so that technical break times do not occur, or if they do occur, to keep them to a miminum. Thereby the maintenance costs that occur should not exceed but rather fall below the planned budget. These aims effect the maintenance costs by way of the production costs and thus indirectly the turnover and profit. On the other hand the technical down times can have a direct effect on the delivery volume and deadline of the products causing a reduction in turnover. In the division related company structure there are intensive interactions between maintenance, production, materials management and quality assurance in particular regarding the primary aim "maintain and/or increase delivery vojume" (yield) in the time unit. A Maintenance Management System is to be developed on the basis of these goal relations, whereby in this contribution in particular the support of the individual aim attainment, the "Managing", by an EDP-oriented evaluation system is being delt with.