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Concave-shaped bearing element - having thicker bearing and diffusion barrier coatings at the centre than at the sides of the element.
: Goedicke, K.; Kopte, T.; Metzner, C.; Steeg, M.

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DE 1995-19514836 A: 19950421
DE 1995-19514836 A: 19950421
DE 19514836 C2: 20000608
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A concave-shaped bearing element is made by vacuum coating with a diffusion barrier layer (3) followed by a dispersion alloy bearing layer (4). The thickness of both these layers is thicker at the centre (5) and reduces towards the edge (6). The thickness of the bearing layer is given by: D/d = (2Ro/2R+Ro)+1, where D is the thickness at the centre (5), d the thickness at the edge (6), R is the radius of the element, and Ro is a constant of 20-60 mm. The bearing dispersion alloy is made up of Al, Pb, Cd, Sn, Zn, Ni, Cu, pref. 15-35% Sn, 0.1-3 Cu and balance Al. The components in the alloy are mainly in metallic form with only a small fraction in oxide, nitride or carbide form. The diffusion barrier layer is made up of Ni, Ni/Sn, Ni/Cu, Ni/Cr, Ti or titanium nitride. The coatings are produced in a vacuum with the vaporising material at a fixed distance of 150-350 mm from the element and a condensation rate of at least 80 nm/sec is established. Alternatively, there can be relative movemen t between the vapour source and the element with the normal at point (5) always being plus or minus45deg., pref. plus or minus22deg. with the line joining point (5) and the vapour source. The coating processes may be carried out in a reactive gas such as oxygen, nitrogen or hydrocarbon compounds and/or plasma activated gas. USE - As high stressed bearing bushes, esp. in combustion engines.