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Glasfasernetze in der industriellen Produktion

Concepts for integration of fiberoptic networks in industrial environments
: Linnemann, H.

Forschung aktuell (1991), No.33-35
ISSN: 0176-263X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
broadband communication; CIM; FDDI; fiberoptic network; man

In general CIM is mainly concerned with a system technology that provides the integration of all computer supported activity-controls and -sequences. There are two outstanding characteristics to be pointed out: - the access to all information neccessary to accomplish a specific task, - the information flow from one computer device to another and across all other nodes that are involved in that task. In the framework of the interdisciplinary research-programme TUBKOM first provisions are made with respect to these characteristics by installation of a FDDI-based broadband communication system with 100 Mbit/s transmission-rate. This TUBKOM-research-network will serve to explore fundamentals in CIM-communication- and informationtechnologies as well as to demonstrate progressive CIM-solutions. The domain of production technology is significantly participating and contributing to the following non exhaustive list of workareas and -items: CIM-architectures and modelling, integrating servicein frastructure, networks and application oriented protocoll-layers as well as setup, operation and demonstration of applications.