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A GKS interface to a realtime oriented raster workstation for CAD application

GKS Schnittstelle zu einer echtzeit-orientierten Raster-Workstation für CAD-Anwendungen
: Lindner, R.; Rix, J.

Bono, P.R.:
GKS Theory and Practice
Berlin/West: Springer, 1987
ISBN: 0-387-18257-8
ISBN: 3-540-18257-8
pp.3-14 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
CAD-system; Computergraphik; Datenverarbeitung(geometrisch); GKS; hardware; Leistungsgrenze; Rasterisierung; computer graphic; geometric data processing; Graphical Kernel System (GKS); performance limit; rasterization

The interface of the Graphical Kernel System GKS is examined with respect to the demands of realtime raster graphics. First the computation time for the different transformations is estimated, to show the great gap between the requirements of realtime operations and the capabilities of conventional minicomputers. It is shown, how the GKS interface supports or with some extensions may support the execution of most of the transformations by a special hardware in the raster workstation.