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Geregelte Pulverzufuhr für die Laser-Oberflächenbearbeitung mit Zusatzwerkstoffen

Regulated powder supply for the laser surface treatment with additional materials
: Nowotny, S.; Grünenwald, B.; Hennig, W.; Dausinger, F.

Laser und Optoelektronik 25 (1993), No.6, pp.71-77 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0722-9003
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
laser; mass flow measurement; Massestrommessung; Oberflächenbearbeitung; powder; powder feeder; Pulver; Pulverförderer; surface treatment

The time defined and continuous powder supply is one of the main preconditions of laser cladding, alloying and particle injection. Powder feeders available from thermal spraying technique fulfill the laser typical requirements only incomplete. Therefore the development of a new powder feeding device was necessary. The presented disc feeder system with integrated measurement and control of the powder mass flow permits the dosage of metallic, carbidic and ceramic powders bigger than 20 mym with feeding rates of 1 to 150 g/min and tolerances of less than 5 percent. The powder mass flow measurement system makes a fast and precise setting, long time constancy as well as a variable control of the feeding rate during the whole treating process possible.