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Geometric Fitting of Circle and Ellipse

: Ahn, S.J.

Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers -ICASE-, Korea:
Korea Automatic Control Conference 1998
Pusan, Korea, 1998
Korea Automatic Control Conference <1998, Pusan, Korea>
Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers (Annual Conference) <4, 1998, Pusan, Korea>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Ellipsometrie; Fitting; Kreis; Nonlinear Least Squares; Orthogonal contacting; Singular Value Decompositon

The least squares fitting of geometric features to given points minimizes the squares sum of error-of-fit in predefined measures. By the geometric fitting, the error distances are defined with the orthogonal, or shortest, distances from the given points to the geometric feature to be fitted. For the geometric fitting of circle and ellipse, robust algorithms are proposed which are based on the coordinate description of the corresponding point on the circle/ellipse for the given point, where the connecting line of the two points is the shortest path from the given point to the circle/ellipse.