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Gehoerangepasste Qualitaetsbeurteilung von Audiotestsignalen

Audio test signal quality evaluation method - has audio test signal and audio reference signal each divided into frequency components by respective filter bank simulating hearing characteristics before comparison.
: Seitzer, D.; Sporer, T.

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DE 1996-19647399 A: 19961115
DE 1996-19647399 A: 19961115
EP 1997-910410 AW: 19971002
WO 1997-EP5446 A: 19971002
DE 19647399 C1: 19980702
EP 938831 B1: 20011219
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The quality evaluation method for an audio test signal (14) obtained by coding and decoding an audio reference signal (12) uses comparison of the audio test signal with the audio reference signal, with simulation of the hearing characteristics of the human ear. Each of the signals is fed through a respective filter bank (16,20) with filters of overlapping frequency for simulating the hearing characteristics, with determination of a level difference between the compared partial signals for each spectral range, for detection of coding errors. USE - For audio signal quality evaluation using perceptual criteria. ADVANTAGE - Allows quality evaluation of audio signal as heard behind cochlea of human ear.