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Stackable housing for electronic component.
: Azdasht, G.; Leutenbauer, R.; Oppermann, H.

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DE 1997-19744295 A1: 19971007
DE 1998-19800928 A: 19980113
DE 19800928 A1: 19990415
Patent, Electronic Publication
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NOVELTY - The circuit board has at least one flexible section so bent that the cover and base plate are mutually opposite and contain between them a spacer. The circuit board forms an intermediate layer, and comprises several flexible sections so bent that the cover, base plate, and the intermediate layer(s) form a laminate. The spacer contains a first component between the cover and intermediate layer, and a second component between the intermediate layer and the base plate. USE - For ball grid array packages, surface mounted device components, etc. ADVANTAGE - Simple, low-cost contacting on top and bottom in standard raster.