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Gefuellte Aluminiumoxidsol-Masse und Verwendungen hierfuer

Filled aluminium oxide sol with no or very slight shrinkage on heating - comprises aluminium oxide power and optionally other fillers, useful for making mouldings larger than ceramic fibres and as adhesive resistant to high temperature.
: Jahn, R.; Glaubitt, W.; Scholz, H.

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DE 1996-19637871 A1: 19960917
DE 1996-19651757 A: 19961212
DE 19651757 C2: 19981112
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Aluminium (Al) oxide sol filled with Al oxide powder and optionally other fillers is claimed. USE - The filled sol is used for making mouldings and as adhesive resistant to high temperature (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - Organic sols, including organic Al oxide sols, can be used for making pure inorganic ceramic fibres but shrink too strongly for making larger mouldings and panels. The filled sols are highly viscous, tough and tacky composition with no or only very slight shrinkage on heating and hence are suitable for making mouldings with dimensions greater than the millimetre range in more than one dimension. They are homogeneous, stable for many months and can be produced from non-toxic components, which are easily mixed. The adhesives are effective at all temperatures from about room temperature to considerably above 1600 deg. C.