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Gas laser
: Herziger, G.; Loosen, P.; Maerten, O.; Boening, H.

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DE 1989-3926734 A: 19870520
DE 1989-3926734 A: 19890812
DE 3926734 A1: 19910214
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Gas laser, especially a carbon dioxide laser with two coaxial high-voltage electrodes (5, 7) forming an annular gas discharge cavity (10) through which gas flows, at whose ends mirrors (3, 11) are arranged to fold the beam several times and which is connected to one of the cooling channels (15) serving as gas return lines, and which has at least one blower on the same axis as the discharge cavity and at least one gas cooler (8) on the same axis as the gas discharge cavity. To provide the gas laser with a simple design and with low radial dimensions, it is constructed so that the cooling channel (15) serving as a gas return line and containing the gas cooler (8) is arranged inside the internal electrode (5), and that the blower is a radial blower (13) whose outer diameter (16) is at most approximately identical with the diameter (17) of the folding mirrors (3, 11).