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Gas laser
: Herziger, G.; Loosen, P.; Maerten, O.; Boening, H.

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DE 1987-3716873 A: 19870520
DE 1987-3716873 A: 19870520
EP 1988-904472 AW: 19880520
DE 3716873 C2: 19920102
EP 354922 A: 19900221
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Gas laser, in particular a carbon dioxide laser, having a gas discharge chamber between high-tension electrodes free from inserts, having a beam path of two resonator mirrors, the beam beeing folded many times between two reflectors placed opposite each other, and having openings in the gas discharge chamber sealed to the exterior, said openings permitted the inlet and outlet of gas. A gas laser having the above mentioned features is designed to increase its power so that a continuous gas flow occurs in the gas discharge chamber and at the direction of gas flow is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the insert-free gas discharge chamber between the reflectors.