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A Fuzzy-ASIC for robust signal preprocessing of a laser optical sensor

: Jeroch, W.; Koch, M.; Haug, K.

Zimmermann, H.-J. ; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Operations Research -DGOR-; European Laboratory for Intelligent Techniques Engineering:
EUFIT 1997, 5th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing. Proceedings. Vol.3 : Aachen, Germany, September 8 - 11, 1997
Aachen: Verl. Mainz, 1997
ISBN: 3-89653-200-6
European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing (EUFIT) <5, 1997, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
Echtzeitbetrieb; Fuzzy-Chip; Kantenerkennung; optisches Sensorsystem

This text contains the description of a Fuzzy-ASIC for contour detection and tracking. These tasks have to be solved often by optical sensor systems, e. g. in automatic welding systems. as an introduction the measuring principle and the signal processing structure of the here used line-image sensor technology are presented. Emphasis is laid on the various signal processing method. One problematic item is the real-time processing of the huge amounts of data. Here, effective data reduction techniques are required. Further problems result from the technical system environment, which makes high demands on the signal processing and control circuits. The main part of this paper deals with data reduction. this problem was solved by a specially designed Fuzzy-ASIC. Its functions and features are explained.