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The future of manufacturing in highly-industrialized countries

A European view
Die Zukunft von Produktionsstandorten in hochindustrialisierten Ländern aus europäischer Sicht
: Warnecke, H.-J.; Hüser, M.

Dorgham, M.A.; Gold, B.:
Emerging Technological Frontiers in International Competition
Channel Islands: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., 1995
ISBN: 0-907776-12-4
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Kaizen; management; Standortsicherung; Unternehmenspolitik; Wettbewerb; Wirtschaftswachstum; Zukunft

Future scenarios for manufacturing industry are dominated by an increasing uncertainty. This uncertainty will probably be one of the main characteristics industrialized countries have to face. Rapid changes in the market position are often followed by attempts to copy the current 'winner'. This strategy, however, is short-sighted and will not offer an opportunity to regain the initiative. Support of shrinking industries by governmental policy does not provide a long-term perspective, either. As a factory location, Western Europe has to face several drawbacks in worldwide comparison. However, it provides promising opportunities, as explained in the example of Germany. Environmentally oriented technologies, as promoted by changing values and legislation, man serve as a field of economic growth. One decade's experiences with computer-supported technologies in manufacturing provide evidence that the key factor of future success will be the human resource potential. Efficient use of this re sourcc will determine the future competition in manufacturing industries. Based on an example, the new view on the human role in manufacturing is illustrated.