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The FUNSOFT net approach to software process management

: Deiters, W.; Gruhn, V.


International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering : SEKE 4 (1994), No.2, pp.229-256
ISSN: 0218-1940
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISST ()
software process management

Software processes are ususally described by guidelines and advices. These guidelines are claimed to be valid for many projects. This understanding leads to software processes which deviate from initial plans and which frequently yield insufficient results. Systematic management of software processes can help to overcome these shortcomings. In this paper we introduce an incremental approach to software process management. This approach covers the complete life cycle for process models, i.e. it deals with software process modelling, soft ware process model analysis and process model enaction. It is based on a net based software process modelling language, called FUNSOFT nets. FUNSOFT nets are high level Petri Nets adapted to the application domain of software process management. We model software processes by means of different views onto a software process model. Our approach is implemented in a software process management environment called MELMAC.