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Fundamental Principles of Cleanrooms Technology

Grundlagen der Reinraumtechnik
: Dorner, J.

Schall Kongreß GmbH:
CleanRooms Europe 1998. Proceedings
PennWell, 1998
International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Practices for Contamination Control <1998, Frankfurt/Main>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
airflow; contamination; Kontamination; Kontaminationsquelle; Luftströmung; Oberflächeneigenschaften; Oberflächenreinheit; particle; Reinraumtechnik; Surface Cleanliness; Teilchen

The paper gives an overview about the fundamental principles of cleanroom technology. It's shown where the cleanroom technology is used and what are the main contaminants and where they are coming from. The different cleanroom classes are described and different cleanroom concepts in practice are shown.