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Joining device
: Fischer, G.; Graf, E.

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DE 1988-3800394 A: 19880109
DE 1988-3800394 A: 19880109
DE 3800394 C2: 19920604
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description relates to a device for performing screw operations comprising a freely programmable handling device to whose free axis a screw spindle is attached, a screw tool, which engages with the head of a screw, and a compensator element arranged between the screw spindle and the screw tool, having laminations arranged in the form of a bellows as described in the main patent P 3623056.1. The device according to the invention is characterized by traction mechanisms attached to the inside and/or outside of the compensator element, said mechanisms being operated via an axially displaceable bearing, and by means of which the compensator element is contractable.