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From Vision to Synthesis - A New Approach to the Integration of Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Image Synthesis

: Hildebrand, A.; Müller, W.

Visual Information Processing III. Proceedings
Visual Information Processing <1994, Orlando>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D-Data; DESIRe; HiLDTe; illumination; SMART; TexME; texture mapping

We propose an approach to the integration of image analysis, computer vision and computer graphics. After motivating our work, we examine different techniques of the above mentioned areas. Within our investigation we are focussing on illumination, texture, geometry and motion which play an important role in the different areas. The performance and restriction of the models are evaluated. As a result, we are able to set up a framework for a common model which integrates the requirements of the different areas. In fact, this represents a first step to a common symbolic image representation. Finally, an outline of an integrated system is stated based on the above examinations. First results gathered with a prototype system for the acquisition of 3d structure and texture from image sequences and the transfer to an animation and rendering system are presented.