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A fracture mechanic interpretation model for acoustic emission signals caused by thermal fatigue shocking on a reactor pressure vessel nozzle

: Neubrech, G.E.; Jansky, J.; Schmitt, W.; Deuster, G.; Walte, F.

Proceedings of the 3rd German-Japanese Joint Seminar
Deutsch-Japanisches-Seminar <3, 1985, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
acoustic emission; crack face friction; crack propagation; fracture mechanic; thermoshock

The analysis of acoustic emission measurements during cyclic thermo-shock tests on a pressure vessel nozzle (HDR) with cracks, indicated a time-dependent emission of signals that partially contradicts the usual fracture mechanic approach (according to Paris). If one assumes a time-dependent corrosion crack growth (normally of secondary importance) as the dominating factor of influence, a qualitatively good agreement between acoustic emission and fracture mechanic is achieved.