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Article with controlled internal stress especially stress-free state - comprises differently composed regions of thermoplastic binder and metal and-or ceramic particles.
: Lenk, R.; Richter, C.; Lehnert, W.; Rassbach, S.; Kloeden, A.; Teichgräber, M.

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DE 1996-19652223 A: 19961216
DE 1996-19652223 A: 19961216
DE 19652223 C2: 20030227
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A shaped article is formed of composite material consisting of a thermoplastic binder and two or more ceramic and/or powder metallurgical materials and including internal partial volumes which have different material compositions and/or different particle contents and/or which consist only of thermoplastic binder, the different material compositions and/or different particle contents in the binder in the partial volumes being adjusted according to the thermal expansion coefficients of the materials to achieve a certain stress condition at least in portions of the contact regions of the different partial volumes in the sintered state and at room temperature or the temperature of use of the sintered article. Preferably, the thermoplastic binder consists of paraffin(s), wax(es) and/or surface active material(s), preferably polyethylene wax, paraffin and stearic acid. Also claimed is a process for producing the above article. USE - Especially as a moulding or protective or functional layer produced by powder metallurgy, casting, dipping, hot extruding, injection moulding or fused deposition modelling (FDM). ADVANTAGE - The article may have a complicated geometry (e.g. with undercuts, sharp edges or mutually perpendicular bores) and has a controlled internal stress state (especially a stress-free state) at room temperature or its temperature of use.