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Fluoreszierende Materialien

Fluorescent material for use in photonic(s) and optical systems, etc. - comprises a matrix based on silicic acid condensates and/or organic polymers, contg. complexed praseodymium ions fixed on small particles.
: Spanhel, L.; Wolter, H.; Neumann, G.; Popall, M.; Schmidt, T.

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DE 1995-19515755 A: 19950428
DE 1995-19515755 A: 19950428
EP 1996-105930 A: 19960416
DE 19515755 C1: 19961121
EP 739967 B1: 19991124
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Fluorescent materials (M) with a matrix based on silicic acid (hetero)polycondensates (A) and / or organic polymers (B), contg. Pr3+ ions and opt. other additives. The Pr ions are complexed with cpd(s). (C) contg. electron-pair donor gp(s). and no oxygen atoms, the mole ratio of (Pr ions):(C) = (1:4) - (1:50), and the content of Pr ions in material (M) is 1 - 50 wt. %. Also claimed is a process for the prodn. of materials (M). USE - Used for the prodn. of coatings, mouldings, fibres and film, and for the prodn. of components for photonic and optical systems (claimed). ADVANTAGE - Provides Pr-contg. fluorescent materials with a high quantum yield and a low concn. quenching, despite the high concn. of Pr ions. The chemical and physical properties of these materials can be varied over a wide range as required for various applications, and the materials can be processed as mouldings, coatings, fibres etc.