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Fluidtechnischer Stellantrieb

Micro fluid piston system - has at least two pistons in guide cylinder with fluid filled zones with fluid input and output connections.
: Schlenker, D.; Bauer, G.

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DE 1997-19733628 A: 19970729
DE 1997-19733628 A: 19970729
DE 19733628 A1: 19990218
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NOVELTY - The fluid-operated piston system has at least two pistons with independent working in a guide cylinder. A zone, filled with fluid, is between them. Each fluid-filled zone, in the assembly, has connections for the fluid input and output. USE - The fluid-operated piston system is used in fine and micro drives to give linear movements to setting units. It is especially for medical appliances, where electrical and/or magnetic fields would have adverse effects. The appts. can be part of an optical instrument, using an optically neutral fluid, and the pistons can be used for the zoom lenses of an endoscope. ADVANTAGE - The fluid, moved on either side of the pistons, takes little space, for a number of setting units to be operated synchronously or asynchronously. The system requires no electrical shrouding.