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Flexible Cellulosefasern mit reduziertem Modul und vermindertem NMR-Ordnungsgrad und deren Herstellung

Flexible cellulose fibres with reduced modulus and reduced degree of order of nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum and their production

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DE 1994-4420304 A: 19940610
DE 1994-4420304 A: 19940610
EP 1995-104358 A: 19950324
DE 4420304 C1: 19950921
EP 686712 B1: 19980909
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The invention relates to flexible cellulose fibres with a reduced modulus and a reduced degree of order of nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, intended in particular for use in the textile industry, said fibres being obtained by extrusion from cellulose solutions in aqueous NMMO through spinning nozzles across an air section into an aqueous and/or alcohol precipitating bath containing NMMO, and by conventional rinsing, aftertreatment and drying at a closeness of 15 and 50 cN/tex, and a process for the production of said fibres. According to the invention, said flexible cellulose fibres have an initial modulus of smaller than 1500 cN/tex and the ratio of the heights of the lines at 88 ppm and 85 ppm is less than or equal 1 across the spectrum base line in the high-esolution ->13 C nuclear magnetic resonance solid-state spectrum. Moreover, these flexible cellulose are obtained by means of a process by which hydrophile, soluble (in the polymer solution), low-molecular, organic additives containing mainly groupings containing nitrogen are added in defined amounts to both the spinning dope of the cellulose and to the precipitating bath.