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Flammhemmende Bindemittel zur Herstellung von Basismaterial fuer Leiterplatten

Flame-retarding binding agents for the production of base material for printed circuit boards
: Bauer, M.; Born, E.; Keusch, S.; Frenzel, H.; Fischer, B.; Haase, A.; Radom, R.

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DD 1989-330708 A: 19890712
DE 1990-4022255 A: 19900711
DE 4022255 A1: 19910124
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The invention relates to flame-retardant binding agents for the production of base material (laminates) of high quality for printed circuit boards. The binding agents represent a single-component system consisting of a mixture of diandicyanate prepolymers (binding time 4 to 8 hours), dianepoxy resin (epoxide equivalent 170 to 400), a mixture (epoxide equivalent 300 to 400, bromine content 37 to 49 percent by weight) consisting of novolak epoxy resin and tetrabromine dianepoxy resin and their conversion products comprising tetrabromodiane, and diane and/or tetrabromodiane, in the form of a solution, comprising a solids content of 20 to 80 percent by weight, in an organic solvent or solvent mixture, such as aliphatic ketones and/or aromatic hydrocarbons. These flame-retardant binding agents ensure good copper adhesion at 533 K, high storage stability and, high dimensional stability due to the height of their glass transition temperatures and low solvent absorption or swelling in solvents