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Flammgeschuetzte Kompositwerkstoffe

Low cost electrical engineering fireproof composite materials - contg. resin made from silane with hydrolysable gps. and polymerisable gps., and inorganic, fire resistant hydroxide, sulphate or hydrate.
: Storch, W.; Wolter, H.; Braun, A.

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DE 1995-19536498 A: 19950929
DE 1995-19536498 A: 19950929
EP 1996-114397 A: 19960909
DE 19536498 A1: 19970410
EP 765906 A: 19970402
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Fireproof composite material contains: (a) a resin made from cpd(s). of formula (I); and (b) inorganic, flame-inhibiting hydroxide, sulphate and/or hydrate(s). XaRbSiR'(4-a-b) (I) X = a hydrolysable gp.; R = opt. substd. alkyl, aryl, alkenyl, alkylaryl or arylalkyl; R' = organic residue with polymerisable gp(s).; a = 1-3; and b = 0-2. USE - Used in electrical engineering, building, vehicle construction, medical technology etc. ADVANTAGE - Provides low-cost halogen-free composites with improved fire resistant properties, high strength and impact resistance, and other properties which can be varied as required, e.g. modulus, coefft. of expansion etc.