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Finite element simulations for basic research in rhinosurgery

: Frühauf, T.

Fluid Dynamics International, Darmstadt:
Proceedings of the Third European FIDAP User Group Meeting
Darmstadt, 1992
European FIDAP User Group (Meeting) <3, 1992, Heidelberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
finite element analysis; Finite Elements; graphical modelling; integration; interactive visualisation; medical application; visualisation

The air flow in the human nasal cavity was simulated applying the Finite Element Method. This accompanies the experimental work of our medical partners who are investigating the functions of the specific geometry of this complex shaped flow channel. To consider the influence of the unique geometry of each different patients cavity we modelled the FE-grid on basis of x-ray computer tomograph (CT) images. Due to the complex structure of our application highly interactive visualization techniques were developed and utilized for the graphical analysis (post-processing) of the computed data. The integration of the simulation results into its context geomety, i.e. into the model of the patients head, was of main interest for a better understanding of the characteristics of human nasal respiration.