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Fiberoptische Roentgenkamera

X-ray receiver, especially fibre-optical X-ray camera - has heater for fibre optic heating
: Schmitt, P.; Hanke, R.; Bauer, N.; Maisl, M.

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In an X-ray receiver having a scintillator (10) for converting incident X-rays into light and a fibre optic (12) for conducting the generated light to a light collector (14), a heater (18) is provided for heating at least a section of the fibre optic (12) to a predetermined temperature during X-ray reception. Preferably, the predetermined temperature corresponds to a temperature at which the decay rate of colour centres generated in the fibre optic is equal to or greater than the creation rate and is especially 100-150 deg. C. Also claimed is an X-ray reception method employing the above receiver. USE - Used especially as a fibre optical X-ray camera for industrial and medical radioscopy. ADVANTAGE - Colour centre generation is avoided when the camera is used under high radiation intensities, the need for fibre optic replacement or interrupting operation for fibre optic heating is eliminated or at least delayed and the camera has an extended service life so that it can be used under in dustrial conditions.