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Fettoxidation durch Sensibilisatoren. Lichtanfälligkeit weißer Schokolade. Teil I: Problem und Ursachen

: Krug, M.; Ziegleder, G.

Zucker- und Süßwaren Wirtschaft 51 (1998), No.1-2, pp.24-27
ISSN: 0373-0204
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()
chocolate; cocoa butter; Haltbarkeit; Kakaobutter; Lichteinfluß; light sensitivity; oxidation; Qualität; quality; Schokolade; shelf-life

If white chocolate is stored in transparent foils, light causes quality defects as rancid off-flavour accompanied by a loss of the typical yellowish colour. The reasons for this light sensitivity are shown and possible solutions for the problems are discussed. The appearing rancid off-flavour is due to the sentized oxidation of the two fat components cocoa butter and milkfat. Oxygen, the necessary reactive partner, is usually present in common used packagings. Partly stabilization may be reached by the exchange of the conventional deodorized cocoa butter against a refined one of CBE's or by the use of modified atmosphere packaging in combination with high oxygen barrier plastic foils.