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Festtreibstoff auf der Basis von reinem oder phasenstabilisiertem Ammoniumnitrat

Solid fuel on the basis of phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate

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DE 1994-4435524 A: 19941005
DE 1994-4435524 A: 19941005
EP 1995-112990 A: 19950818
DE 4435524 C2: 19960822
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A solid fuel for propelling rockets or gas generators consists of 35 to 80% by mass of ammonium nitrate (AN) with a mean grain size of 5 to 200 m, said solid fuel being phase-stabilized by chemical conversion with CuO or ZnO (PSAN), 15 to 50% by mass of a binder system made of a binder polymer and an energy-rich plasticizer and 0.2 to 5.0% by mass of a combustion moderator made of vanadium/molybdenum acting as oxide mixture or mixed oxide.