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Fertigungstechnologie Kleben -FTK-

: Groß, A.

Blech Rohre Profile 39 (1992), No.4, pp.307-309
ISSN: 0006-4688
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive bonding; automatical adhesive bonding; automatisiertes Kleben; camshaft; component; Edelstahl; großflächige Verbindung; Hochleistungsmikroskopie; Kleben; Nockenwelle; optical microtechnique; Stahlblech; stainless steel; steel plate

In all parts of this project the defined aims could be reached: - Oiled thin plates can be bonded resistantly with specially developed adhesives and anticorrosive agents. - The shaft-hop joint which is extremely stressed by changing load and environment and adapted to the different requirements of a bonded camshaft in engine construction was realized by help of high technology adhesives and is going to be introduced in manufacturing. - Glass lenses for optical parts can be fixed resistantly and without tension if the joint between lenses and settings is constructed in a suitable way and if specially developed adhesives are used. - With the help of the structural bonding technic stainless steel can be bonded resistantly even under extreme environmental conditions. - It is possible to make use of adhesive bonding even for structural large-sized components within the scope of an automatic manufacturing process with integrated quality surveillance. The associated partners' project "manufac turing technology adhesive bonding" which was promoted by BMFT succeeded in showing this.