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Feindrehen von Gußeisen mit hohen Schnittgeschwindigkeiten

High Speed Fine turning of Cast Iron
: Spur, G.; Becker, K.; Lachmund, U.

Dokladna Obrobka Elementow Maszyn. Vortragsband
Dokladna Obrobka Elementar Maszyn <1995, Poznan>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
cast iron; CBN; Drehen; Feinbearbeitung; Grauguß; Hochgeschwindigkeitsbearbeitung; MSC; turning

In the past years, rising requirements on productivity and quality have lad to high cutting speed. Especially superhard non-metallic cutting materials brought progress in this field. This study deals with high speed finishing of lamellar gray cast iron with ceramic cutting materials and cubic boron nitride. The results show that the application of high cutting speeds loads to a considerable reduction of processing times. Regarding the tool life the application of cubic boron nitrid, especially with cutting speedover Vc =1000m/min, yielded the best results. High surface qualities can be reached up to a cutting speed level of Vc=2000m/min.