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A fast low-noise amplifier cable driver combination

Parallelausgabe: Publications 1985. IMS-Duisburg
: Lutz, G.; Wrede, M.; Buttler, W.; Hosticka, B.J.; Zimmer, G.

ESSCIRC '85. 11th European Solid State Circuits Conference. Proceedings
pp.316 ff : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
European Solid State Circuits Conference <11, 1985>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()

In this paper, we present a fast low-noise CMOS charge sensitive amplifier with a cable driver developed for applications in high-energy physics. These applications typically involve high-speed low-noise electronic readout and signal transmission to a distant facility. This contribution demonstrates how this can be accomplished in CMOS technology. (IMS)